Family Diversity

Family Diversity

Family Diversity

There is often a certain nostalgia in discussions about the family: «Families used to be a lot closer and bigger, people stayed together, families held together...» We can’t say whether this is really true. But we do know that family structures and the way people live have changed considerably.

We are always influenced by images of the ideal family. Today, there are two dominant images: In the traditional nuclear family, the husband is the breadwinner, the housewife and mother is responsible for raising the children and keeping the house together. There are several other «new» types of family: the nuclear family where both parents work, adoptive families, bicultural families, single-parent families, same-sex partnerships, unmarried parents, large families, foster families, or stepfamilies/patchwork families.

But no matter what type of family we consider, basically they are all looking for stable and harmonious relationships with each other. However, roles are changing. The gender-specific division of labour, which has given men more wealth and power, is slowly being replaced by shared responsibilities.

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by Christina Caprez, Limmat Verlag, 2012. 

This book by Christina Caprez shows through portraits of 15 Swiss families the diversity of today's family constellations.

The portraits were supplemented by 3 expert interviews. Further information on the book can be found under: