Health protection during pregnancy

Health protection during pregnancy

The emlpoyer is obliged to create a safe environment for pregnant women in order no asure the woman's as well as the unborn child's safety.

  •  Pregnant women working in a standing position are entitled to a resting period of twelve hours every day from the fourth month of pregnancy onwards.
  • Pregnant women are entitled to a ten-minute break every two hours, inaddition to the regular breaks.
  • From the sixth month of pregnancy on wards, they cannot be expected towork more than four hours per day in a standing position.
  • If the job includes dangerous or hardwork, the risk of these tasks must be assessed by an expert.
  • A pregnant women working nights between 8 pm and 6 am can demand an equal job with daytime hours up to the seventh month of pregnancy.
  • Night work is illegal in the last eight weeks before the expected date of birth.
  • If the employer is unable to offer her an equal substitute for her job, a pregnant woman can refuse to do the job. She is entitled to 80% of her wage.
  • If a pregnant woman is unable to work because of the pregnancy, she must submit a medical certificate. The employer is obliged to pay her sick leave. The period for the continued payment of the agreed wages depends on the pregnant woman’s years of service with her employer, and her contract.



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