For all the happy excitement, starting kindergarten also triggers feelings of loss, fear and insecurity – not only for the child, but for parents, too. Many a mum and dad find it difficult to be separated from their child, entrusting their little boy or girl to the care of strangers. There may be tears, though they usually dry quickly as soon as you walk out of view. Try out what feels best for you. Create your own ritual. Some parents like to play with their child for a while before leaving, others give their baby a peck on the cheek. Whatever you do, never leave your child without saying good-bye.

Once your child has settled into kindergarten, he or she has taken a big step towards independence. This «growth» will soon become apparent. Your child will proudly demonstrate new skills, sing songs and tell stories you have never heard before. Let your «grown-up» kindergarten kid teach you!

To prepare for the process of letting go, why not enroll your child in a playgroup? This is an ideal environment for children to explore new things and meet children of their own age. In playgroups, up to ten children aged three and older come together, play games and develop their personalities and social skills, such as:

•building a relationship with a newcaregiver (letting go)

•experiencing group activities

•learning to fend for oneself

•developing self-confidence

•developing intellectual and motorskills

•discovering new material and games

Many municipalities provide early language training in kindergarten or even in playgroup – for immigrants in particular, but by no means only for them. Children participate in weekly classes where they develop their linguistic abilities in a playful way. The purpose is to help non-German-speaking children make friends with German speakers and pave the way for a smooth transition into primary school. Contact your local council (Gemeinde) for more information on early intervention programs.

Mandatory Promotion of German one year before Kindergarten in Basel-Stadt

The Canton of Basel-Stadt supports the acquisition of German by children in order to ensure a smooth transition into primary school. Children who barely speak German have to attend a playgroup or other German-speaking institutions a year before entering Kindergarten. There children are taught German in a playful way at least two half days per week.


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  • Information by the Swiss authorities on kindergarten and pre-school*:

  • The Familienwegweiser Pro Familia also informs about kindergarten:


* = Services explicitly offered also in other languages than German.


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Book Recommendations

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by Doris Rübel, Ravensburger Buchverlag, 2008.

„Mein erster Tag im Kindergarten“

by Frauke Nahrgang and Marlis Scharff-Kniemeyer, Ravensburger Buchverlag, 2013

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