Raising children – a matter of personal choice

Raising children – a matter of personal choice

In Switzerland as in other countries, each family, maybe even each parent, has their own view on how to bring up their children. Still, people who live in a certain area tend to share common values. These may differ from the values held by people from other countries. Such differences can lead to misunderstandings.

On the playground

Children of a «typical» Swiss family often play with each other in a playground, under the watchful eye of their mothers (or more rarely, their fathers). Playgrounds are an important meeting and networking place for parents. We encourage all parents with small children to use the public playgrounds!

Kindergarten and school

The participation of parents in school life greatly benefits a child’s integration and social development. At parent-teacher meetings and other events, you get to know the teachers and other parents. You can help your child simply by taking an interest in school and kindergarten and your child’s homework. The way you structure family life can have a huge influence on your child’s performance at school: Make sure your child gets enough sleep, eats a healthy diet (see the chapter «Health and Diet»), and spends time outdoors. Children who are active and exercise are also better at concentrating.

Also find more information on mandatory promotion of German in Basel-Stadt under «Kindergarten»

Family relationships

Maintaining a close relationship between children and parents is not always easy. Playing games, reading out loud and talking with each other are activities that strengthen the family bond and teach your child useful social skills at the same time.

Gender roles

The influence of gender roles on a child’s development is significant. In our pluralistic society, it is okay for a boy to cry now and again or for a girl to be the strong one. Observe your environment and be inspired by flexible models for men and women.